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Isn’t Telemarketing Dead?

Telemarketing is perhaps one of the oldest forms of modern B2B marketing and lead generation. And some people who happily tell you it’s a dead form of modern marketing. That it should be replaced by social media marketing or more email marketing.

Both of those forms of marketing can be excellent, although harder for B2B than B2C, but telemarketing still has a large role to play in modern digital marketing, as long as it’s done right

Outsourced Sales has perfected the art of building modern, effective telemarketing teams and can offer outsourced telemarketing services that WORK, even in the social media age.

Why Does Outsourced Telemarketing Get A Bad Rap?

Google outsourced telemarketing, and we’re not going to deny it, you’ll be served up a lot of negative information. Over the years, telemarketing agencies in general has gained a bad rap, and outsourced lead generation telemarketing certainly has.

So why consider outsourcing your sales calls to a telemarketing team if it’s such a bad idea? Because ethical, less intrusive telemarketing, especially B2B telemarketing, undertaken by a trained and dedicated team works. But it’s that last part that got lost over the last few years.


VOIP and Internet calling made it easy for anyone to offer telemarketing services from anywhere in the world to almost any business. With no training, no marketing expertise, no willingness to research what their clients were selling, or what their brand stood for. The results, as expected, were often bad.

These cowboy telemarketers gave a bad name to the outsourced lead generation telemarketing industry as a whole. At Pearl Lemon Leads, we’re on a mission to claim its good name back. While helping you and your business get more leads and close more sales of course.

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How Outsourced Sales is making Telemarketing Cool Again

There’s a lot more to effective outsourced telemarketing services than just picking up the phone and reading from a script. To be effective before a single call is ever made any telemarketing business needs to:


Onboarding: Understanding Your Business

Our proven process ensures a thorough understanding of your business, covering pitch outlines, potential objections, strategies to overcome objections, and essential open-ended questions.


Lead Qualification Criteria: Identifying Ideal Leads

Collaborating with your team, we define your ideal lead using the BANT system: Budget, Authority, Need, & Timescales.


Diary Management: Efficient Appointment Setting

We offer comprehensive diary management, sending prospects diary invites and monitoring acceptances to manage your sales team's appointments effectively.


CRM Integration: Seamless Campaign Management

Whether utilizing your CRM platform or our own, including HubSpot, Salesforce, or Excel spreadsheets, we ensure seamless campaign management and monitoring.


Incorporating Advanced Techniques

Our friendly telemarketers utilize advanced techniques such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), open dialogue, and strategic questioning to do more than just prime your prospective clients. They actively unlock sales opportunities that convert into high-value contracts for your business.


Reporting: Transparent Insights

We maintain complete transparency in reporting, offering detailed statistics (number of calls, contacts) and narrative feedback (market insights, objections, issues, reasons for rejections).


Repeat: Continuous Success

Effective sales leads lead to quick business growth. Continue your campaign with our B2B telemarketing services to maximize your ROI consistently.

This is a big list. It takes a very skilled outsourced telemarketing team to execute it successfully. We’ve built those teams at Outsourced Sales.

Why choose to work with Outsourced Sales and outsource your sale generation telemarketing? Here are (just) five of the best reasons.

Outsourced Telemarketing Is Cost-Saving And Cost-Effective

As you can tailor make your lead generation telemarketing campaign with Pearl Lemon Leads you can engage them for as long – or for as little time – as you need, depending on your current marketing campaigns and goals. All with no in office overheads and no employee expenses. Working with reliable and experienced outsourced telemarketing company, delivers faster positive results, and lots of leads at a fraction of the cost of paying in house employees.


Whoever makes your telemarketing calls needs to be experienced, informed and dedicated to showcasing your products and services as well as your brand in the best possible light. That’s hard to find in either in-house employees or cut-price call center services. The Pearl Lemon Leads telemarketing team are dedicated to all the above and to delivering the kind of big-time results that impress.

Gain Valuable Data Insights

Every lead generation telemarketing call can provide your business with an opportunity to learn more about the market you are trying to reach and its reactions to your offerings.

Your telemarketing campaign can even include market research questions as part of the process, helping you accomplish several objectives in one go, a value added plus.

Prevent Inbound Marketing Lead Loss

Many companies do a lot of inbound marketing these days. By that we mean that they blog, that they appear on – or host – podcasts, they offer webinars and more. Inbound marketing has become quite the thing in the past five years, and more and more businesses large and small are trying it out.

Where inbound marketing can fall flat however is when there is no time – or no clear plan- to make use of the phone numbers and emails inbound marketing is specifically designed to collect. All too often they end up on a list and well, that’s about as far as it goes.

Maximize Your ROI

Your accountant always tells you, whatever you invest in for your business needs to offer maximum ROI. Outsourced lead generation telemarketing from Pearl Lemon Leads will do just that. No employee overheads, no expensive ad campaign set up, no time-consuming delays in getting your project underway. When it comes to telemarketing companies in the UK Pearl Lemon Leads is one of the best choices you can make, even if you are not in the UK yourself!

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